Stainless Steel Expansion Bellows


The Bellows and expansion joints are being manufactured besed on proven technology used world wide to various applications in the industry. The product sizes range from 14mm to 400mm inner dia in circular bellows. The expansion joints with single and multiply with necessary accessories and fittings are part of the product range. The bellows and expansion joints can be tailor madeto meet specific requirements of the customer within the available product range. Bellows expansion joints are designed as per EJMA standard. Bellows expansion joints are employed in piping systems to absorb differential thermal expansion while containing the system pressure. They are being used in Refineries, Chemical plants, Nuclear Power System, Heating and Cooling system etc.


Assemblies areTIG welded and tested according to customer request. Assemblies are normally supplied with new end terminations, however customer supplied ends can be used if practicable. Fully compressed units to be cold. Extended on Installation. Inner sleeves are an additional component to be specified at time of order.

Type of Bellows
-Circular Bellow(Standard Range)
-Square Bellow (On Special Request)
-Rectangular Bellow(On Special Request)

Type of End Fittings
-Fixed Flange
-Welded End
-Vanstone Flange / Floating Flange

Type of Expansion Joints
-Single Expansion Joints
-Single Tied Expansion Joints
-Hinged Expansion Joints
-In - Line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints
-Gimbal Expansion Joints
-Universal Expansion Joints
-Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints

Technical Specifications - SS ' R-10 ' Series

HP Bellows | SS Bellow Elements - R50-16 to R350-16

Technical Specifications - SS ' R-16 ' Series

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