Fire Sleeve


Italflex fire sleeve is a high temperature heat protection solution and perfect for hydraulic hose protection, protecting pneumatic lines, electrical cables, control wiring, welding cables, electric arc furnace cables etc. from intense radiant heat, flame exposure, molten metal splash, slag, welding splatter, grinding, electrical sparks and other hazards in the toughest of industrial environments. It's widely used in metallurgy, steel mills, glass work, marine industry, petrochemical industry etc. on a variety of machines, engines and hydraulic equipment etc. Fire sleeve is used as a protective sleeve on industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, cables, wires, etc.


Hose Category: FIRE SLEEVE

Features: Italflex fire sleeve is manufactured by coating an E-glass braided sleeve with high-grade silicone rubber, typically in iron-oxide red colour, White colour fiberglass sleeve inside. Other colours could be customized. Fire sleeve is called pyro jacket and fire sleeving too. It is flexible, insulated, and harmless to health and resists intense radiant heat, abrasion, oil and moisture etc. with continuous working temperature at 260℃ (500° F) and short time withstanding exposure to max 1650℃ (3000°F) for 15-30 seconds.


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